First Class FM

CAFM Explorer - a wide range of applications

Designed to look and feel like Microsoft Outlook, CAFM Explorer comprises a wide range of apps including Help Desk, Planned Maintenance, Asset Tracking, Property Management, Cost Control, Space Planning, Room Booking and Resource Planning. CAFM Explorer is a product of immense scalability, which allows your database to expand in line with your company’s growth and increased functionality usage. The product is affordable and is a Low Risk Start Up solution to suit even the smallest business budget and is suitable for companies of all sizes and sectors to improve their efficiencies and manage their risk.

CAFM Explorer prides itself with a Microsoft Gold Partnership accreditation and is developed to the highest standard to achieve innovation and improve automation. “We take pride in delivering quality Facilities and Property Management software and, with sales of CAFM Explorer in 48 countries worldwide, this easy to use software provides the perfect FM solution,” says Claire Visser, VP Facilities and Infrastructure.
Their accreditation with the UK trademark for CAFM is what they refer to as their accolade for the part they have played in educating the market about the benefits of CAFM - few companies can demonstrate that huge depth and breadth of experience and maturity in their FM product. CAFM Explorer is easy to use as it is engineered by facilities and estates professionals and developed in conjunction with an independent CAFM Explorer User Group. The User Group is a dynamic networking group of FM professionals who work closely with McLaren to ensure the product is developed in line with regulatory and strategic requirements to meet the diverse roles and responsibilities faced by these facilities experts.
CAFM Explorer has a range of exciting FM apps and the latest version contains a wealth of services to improve efficiencies such as a Work Planner application which enables you to schedule your trades people to improve resource planning and service levels. CAFM Web is a web based Help Desk solution, which enables your users to log and track the progress of their reactive calls and CAFM Engineer enables your contactors and trades people to receive, update and close work orders whilst they are on the move via their smart phones. Claire adds: “This web based communication is key to improving response times and efficiencies and, with a host of real time and KPI reports available at your finger tips, CAFM Explorer will enable you to work smarter and reduce costs.”
CAFM Explorer allows integration with other business systems and enables data to be shared such as BMS, Energy Control, Finance, Benchmarking and HR. “This is an area that will be key in the future, and we will be continuing to develop our product to integrate with other systems.” “It’s about making the technology work for you and we are constantly enhancing CAFM Explorer to achieve innovation and provide automation via the latest technology to deliver a first class FM solution to cover all your facilities needs.”
Adapted from article originally published in Tomorrows Cleaning Magazine