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Work Orders and their life cycle are at the heart of CAFM Explorer software.

Both reactive and planned work orders can be rapidly logged with the help of web based and automated processes.

Once work orders are logged their progress can be easily tracked in an onscreen grid, as the work order flows through CAFM Explorer from being assigned to completion. CAFM Explorer software makes the work order life cycle effortless with many automated processes such as email updates to improve service levels and alerts to maintain the efficiency of trades and contractors.

As the work order follows its course from start to completion it picks up an extraordinary amount of information accumulating data with costs and asset maintenance history so as to provide management with key decision making information which invariably has a huge impact on reducing operating costs.

This key information is readily available through the work order life cycle and can be seen in real time on dashboards and reports as well as being able to be passed to other CAFM Explorer apps or pushed out to other relevant external business packages.

CAFM Explorer is a Microsoft GOLD partnered product which is essential to scaling up, all of the help desk and planned maintenance apps are part of an overall powerful FM application that comes for one simple price point.

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