Professional Services

Implementation services, data migration and custom development Services


CAFM Explorer has been designed to support and streamline the facilities management tasks from the smallest to the largest companies and organisations. Our support services are equally scalable ensuring each customer enjoys the full benefit of their investment from those with little or no in house IT support to the most self sufficient.

Annual Support & Maintenance
Subscribing to the CAFM Explorer annual support and maintenance provides customers with:-

Implementation Services
We offer a choice of self-install (for the technically qualified), remote, or On-Premise implementation services including data migration for new installations and upgrades.
To help ensure optimum performance and access security we also offer IT infrastructure health checks covering hardware, application, system software and supporting networks.

Data Migration Services
After more than 25 years of providing CAFM products and services we recognise there are alternatives to CAFM Explorer! Whether you are using a CAFM based application for the first time or migrating from a legacy system we can help advise, organize and structure existing data into CAFM Explorer.

Consultancy / Advisory Services
25 Years of CAFM experience means we have a wealth of FM experience and industry best practice to offer including:-

Custom Development
CAFM Explorer is one of the most comprehensive CAFM suites available. Recognizing that not all customer requirements are identical CAFM Explorer supports configuration options plus custom development services to meet specific customer requirements.

Integration Services – 3rd Party Systems
CAFM Explorer is not an island and is capable of integrating with financial, HR, Health & Safety & Legal systems, adding value and better visibility of all the information needed to manage your facilities.

For the technically minded CAFM Explorer supports a wide range of web services, a well-recognized and supported technology enabling integrations between systems.

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