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CAFM Explorer's whitepaper library offers useful insights and advice covering topics across the industry. Topics including GDPR, BIM, GS1, data management, implementation and ROI for your business. 


Back to Basics: Facilities Management and CAFM

CAFM allows a facilities team to become more efficient and therefore meet the challenge of reducing costs while maintaining quality. Learn more with our guide...

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Setting up CAFM correctly: The importance of data

Data will be your biggest asset, so it is essential to invest time in maintaining it. Download our guide for top tips on ensuring CAFM is correctly implemented from the outset.

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What does GDPR mean to the facilities management industry?

The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is expected to be pervasive – it will oblige organisations to reassess their data management practices. The far-reaching and fundamental scope of this new regulation means that every industry will be affected to some degree...


FM is changing: are you prepared for the future?

It’s no exaggeration to say that facilities managers need to know something about everything. From building maintenance to environmental services, catering and cleaning to security and space planning, they are tasked with an array of objectives, demands and expectations. So, what does the sector look like now? Where has it come from? And most importantly, where is it heading?

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The business benefits of installing a CAFM solution

Download our 'business benefits' whitepaper - from ROI to single-user, multi-user and contractor access, this document outlines 65 key reasons your business needs a cutting edge CAFM solution.

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BIM - what does it mean for the facilities management industry?

One of the many misconceptions of the UK Government BIM Level 2 mandate is that it only applies to new buildings and only UK Government work. Quite simply, this isn’t true. The commercial basis behind sharing information consistently, reliably and with trust, applies to any building. Any client. Any sector. Any country. Any size.

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How to select & implement the right CAFM solution

Computer-Aided Facilities Management Systems offer potentially huge gains for business - but there are several challenges that must be overcome to ensure successful selection and implementation.

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A User’s guide to SFG20

Within every business exists a vast array of assets; heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, plant and machinery, and other electrical components. These require regular auditing, upkeep, technical updates and testing to stay in line with legislation and compliance, and to ensure optimum performance, longevity and safety. Enter SFG20.

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