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CAFM Explorer has been designed to support and streamline facilities management tasks for companies – irrespective of size or sector. Our support services are equally scalable, ensuring our customers experience the full benefit of their investment.

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Annual Support & Maintenance

Subscribing to CAFM Explorer’s annual support and maintenance provides customers with:

  • Upgrades, updates and versions of software licenses covered
  • Help desk support by telephone, online (with secure remote control) and email for administrators and end users
  • Access to CAFM Explorer’s Tips and Tricks resources
  • Opportunity to join the active and independent CAFM Explorer User Group community

We offer a choice of self-install (for the technically qualified), remote or On-Premise implementation services, including data migration for new installations and upgrades.

To help ensure optimum performance and access security, we also offer IT infrastructure health checks covering hardware, application, system software and supporting networks.

Whether you are using a CAFM-based application for the first time or migrating from a legacy system, we can help to advise, organise and structure your existing data into CAFM Explorer.

With more than 25 years of CAFM experience, we have a wealth of FM knowledge and industry best practice to offer including:

  • Business process analysis and optimisation – to help you streamline your processes and get the most out of CAFM Explorer
  • Bespoke report generation – to meet specific requirements not catered for by standard reports
  • Project Management – to support larger and more complex implementations

CAFM Explorer is one of the most comprehensive CAFM suites available. Recognising that not all customer requirements are identical, CAFM Explorer offers configuration options and custom development services to meet specific customer requirements.

CAFM Explorer can be fully integrated with financial, HR, Health & Safety & Legal systems, adding value and greater visibility of estate-wide operations.

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Industry-leading Training

We offer full product training, enabling our customers to optimise their use of CAFM Explorer. Our trainers have extensive knowledge of both Facilities Management and CAFM Explorer, allowing us to deliver comprehensive training with the strategies, understanding, confidence and skills needed to make CAFM Explorer work best for you.

We have a wide range of standard courses available which can be undertaken at implementation, or when you want to gain further knowledge on the product applications available.

  • CAFM Explorer Course (Most Popular)
    An introduction and building blocks for when you first implement CAFM Explorer. From initial data build to using the main applications.
  • Manager’s Overview
    Designed to provide Managers with a high-level understanding of the capabilities and functionality of CAFM Explorer and CAFM Report Explorer.
  • Quick Start Building Maintenance Course
    Providing the user with a basic introduction and understanding of the CAFM Explorer database and the applications within it.
  • CAFM Explorer Upgrade Course
    Tailored to a customer’s specific requirements and covering applications that are of interest and currently being used. This will be scoped prior to the course taking place.
  • CAFM Explorer Room Booker Course
    Suitable for people who require a more comprehensive understanding of how to set up, generate and manage Room Bookings within CAFM Explorer.
  • CAFM Explorer PPM Course
    Ideal for those responsible for the management of Planned Maintenance and requiring a comprehensive understanding of how to set up and manage a PPM regime within CAFM Explorer.
  • CAFM Explorer Cost Control Course
    Suitable for users who require a comprehensive understanding of how to produce and manage Purchase Orders, match to Invoices and credit Notes and track expenditure in financial reports
  • End User Basic Training Course
    The Basic End User access on CAFM Web is for simple fault logging which enables Users to log calls from the Intranet or Internet.
  • End User Advanced Training Course
    The Advanced User access on CAFM Web is for simple fault logging. It also includes extra functionality which enables Users to log calls, add Notes, Assets and select a fault from a pre-defined Standard Work Order Template for a faster call logging process.
  • Advanced Help Desk Training Course
    Teaches users how to use the web-based Help Desk by logging, tracking and managing the faults. System Administration set up can also be covered on this course.
  • Room Booker Training Course
    CAFM Web Room Booker enables Users to make Room Bookings via the Intranet or Internet. This course teaches Users how to make Room Bookings, edit and view the bookings in a calendar view.
  • CAFM Mobile Training Course
    Teaches internal trades people how to accept and manage Work Orders that are assigned to them on a mobile device.
  • Engineer Access Training Course
    Shows Engineers how to view and manage Work Orders via an online account, which can operate on an Intranet or Internet site.
  • Contractor Access
    Teaches Contractors how to view and update the status of Work Orders assigned to them. A Contractor can update Asset and Cost information on Work Orders, add progress Notes and Resolve or Complete Work Orders.
  • Space Management
    Teaches the User how to link AutoCAD floor plans into the CAFM Explorer database. It also explains the flexibility of CAFMCAD and how it can be aligned to the users’ drawing conventions, be used to manage space effectively and obtain comprehensive (graphical) Space reports.
  • Workshop Sessions
    Workshop training sessions are also available, which enable Users to take a training course online and in the comfort of their own office. The Workshop training sessions are ideal for customers who want to take a gradual approach to learning about CAFM Explorer, or those who want to focus on specific areas of the product. Training is taken in half-day sessions. Discounts are given for multiple sessions purchased.

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