CAFM Explorer is a powerful and total Facilities Management product… the heart of which is a reactive and planned Help Desk. There is no doubt that there is a far-reaching effect on facility costs and managing risk if the facilities are maintained more efficiently by the use of such technology.

With that in mind, the success of running a productive Help Desk system and gaining a rapid return on investment lies within CAFM Explorer’s refreshing approach to allow you to use all or part of the product with ease. This is achieved with a familiar look and feel, an easy import facility to rapidly build your existing data, and a flexible and powerful range of standard and customisable on and off-screen reports.

Scalability and scope to suit your needs

In CAFM Explorer, you have a product of immense scalability, not only do you have the peace of mind that your data can be infinitely scaled up, but also all of CAFM Explorer's facilities-based functionality is on hand whenever needed at no extra cost. That’s right, no hidden extra charges as you grow into the system.

It’s a different and refreshing approach to older modularised systems that are designed to catch you out with more and more investment as you increase your system use. CAFM Explorer’s approach is more cost effective, especially as you are investing in storing and maintaining your data in a single central database to avoid duplicate and costly data maintenance.

A complete, central solution that grows with you

Starting with a simple call logging reactive Help Desk and CAFM Explorer's easy-to-use features will make that task so easy, yet at the same time you can have confidence that beneath the surface lies a comprehensive Facilities-focused product that can be utilised to its full capacity should you wish to take advantage of its depth and breadth in other key areas, including Planned MaintenanceAsset TrackingProperty ManagementRoom/Resource BookingSpace Management and more. Of course, this gives you scope to start with any of those other facilities disciplines just as easily as starting up a simple Help Desk.

Our short and informative demonstrations are set out to show how you can use as little or as much of CAFM Explorer as required beyond the first step of using the Help Desk. We demonstrate how the strength and flexibility of CAFM Explorer can meet your specific tasks… and no more unless you require more.

The first task is to set up your Help Desk as a simple and productive call logging system… Tasks beyond this are then step-by-step options to bring more control and savings. For example, add Contractors and see how you can control service levels with your suppliers and hook them into the system to reduce erroneous communications. Then, you could:

  • Add Planned Maintenance to see how you can automatically schedule and adjust planned maintenance activities.
  • Improve service levels by introducing automated emails and interaction across the Intranet to encourage end users to log their own calls.
  • Add purchase orders and invoice matching to track your supplier’s financial activity. No more double payments!
  • Track all of your facility costing activities by selecting budgets, contracts and projects for a comprehensive view on the management of costs to budget against all of your reactive and planned tasks.

Of course, CAFM Explorer brings a whole host of other benefits once the data is in the central database, so explore how to add room and resource Booking, tracking assets, property management, managing space and much more.


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