Delivering greater insight for improved financial management

Within CAFM Explorer, Cost Control plays an integral part throughout all system operations and enables organisations to have a transparent, accurate account of the day-to-day activities covering all aspects of the facilities purchasing, invoicing and financial data.

By managing this data centrally, teams have the tools needed to analyse spend and share findings with stakeholders directly from the system.

Key features include:

  • Multi-level budgets to enable tracking of all spend, attributed to relevant costs
  • Contracts to monitor spend with suppliers, performance & key dates
  • Project control including links to financials, key activities and performance metrics
  • Raising of purchase orders, linked to work orders and budgets
  • Purchase order approval and email issue
  • Automatic stock replenishment based on purchase orders and assignment throughout the maintenance process
  • Goods receivable and invoice matching – ensuring goods are not paid for prior to delivery
  • All financial elements of activities tracked – ensuring accurate information on the real time and monetary cost of maintenance operations
  • Alerts & Reports monitoring all financial aspects within CAFM Explorer


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